Wow, this is edible? No one is more shocked than myself.

18 Oct

Alright, here it is:

1 third of a sweet potatoe

2 small beets plus, like, five large leaves or so

one egg

Rooster hot sauce

Grate the beets and the sweet potato. Put them in a frying pan and stir fry them till they’re, like, medium soft (don’t bother looking it up, medium soft isn’t a real thing, but I think we both know what I’m trying to say here). Put in the egg raw. Beat it if you like- who knows, you might have time to kill and not a damn thing else to do with your day. Me, I just crack that puppy on top and go with it. Stir fry. Wait ’till you think egg is cooked or whenever, I’m not your boss. Put it on a plate. Oh crap, I forgot to tell you to slice up the beat greens- do that now, and quickly, you don’t want your mush to get cold. Put an unreasonable amount of Rooster hot sauce on the mush. Stir the sauce around so that, on average you have an equivalent ratio comparing one section of your mush to another, but not so evenly you eliminate the possibility of spicey flavour pockers. Stir in the sliced greens. Eat. Thank me. You’re welcome.


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