So little strong dude is secretly awesome

19 Oct

Yeah, turns out little strong dude was actually a purple belt all along! Ha, go figure. Yes, his belt was purple, so I might have ascertained that all by myself, but it was more of an off-purple in color. A mauve, maybe, leaning towards sky blue? Yeah, ok, so not only is he a purple belt, but dude is now teaching our advanced classes. Glad I got my licks in while he was still being kind. And what an advanced class it was! Knee bar from open guard, knee bar from de la riva, rolling (yes, rolling) toe hold! There isn’t a submission that can’t be improved by doing it while hurtling yourself through the air. Hey, remember yesterday when I totally got a circle choke from standing, swept an upper level blue belt (ftw) and got an ankle lock on a purple belt? Yay me!! Today, I stayed alive. Yay again!!


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