I won!!! Oh, I had a competition yesterday

21 Oct

Big reveal- had a competition yesterday. I was preparing for it all along! Ahaha, I am the queen of secrets. Yes, all these long days that I have been posting I was also preparing for a bjj tournament and I. Totally. Won. Kinda killed it actually. Old school- take down to side control to arm bar for the first two. The third competitor was on to my little game and pulled guard. Totes passed it, then she turtled, and I was like, “thanks for your back” and I was all hooks in and then to clock choke and she defends so I am like “armbar city” but she’s all no thank you and reguards so I pass her guard and take her back again but cannot hit that choke and time is called and I win on points. First time I won on points in quite a while- I’ve had a great run of sub wind. So, yeah, gold. And then I won gold no-gi- all the upper level belts dropped out of the race so I had one white belt to fight. It was a bit of a shit show but my coach brought up an awesome point once- no one comes to see women being nice and polite to each other, they come to see a fight. So it was snap down to front head lock which is not my favorite take down, but I’m not about to give up the front head lock so I take an osoto gari with a front head lock in at the same time. I thought about a Peruvian, but that’s a bit like work, so I just circle to the back and take a straight rear naked choke. And now my tournament fee is payed for!! Yay!! She was gutsy coming in, and now she’s going to trained by a black belt in our area- good for her. So my weekend rocked. How was yours? Kay, love you, nite.


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