Ugh, Post Gold Doldrums

25 Oct

So after winning a gold medal or two, life is fabulous for five minutes of life-time. Then, suddenly, reality floats to the surface and you remember debt and feeding yourself and the serious unlikelyhood of funding your fighting career in the future and all of that stuff. Now, because you just won two gold medals and had so many people patting your back and telling you you’re awesome, your most recent recollection of life was of absolute reassurance you are the best. Contrast that with your average life- the every day suck, plus the suck that happens because you have pretty much sacrificed every other goal (career, family, nice things, etc.) for the sake of being the chick at the top of the podium. These are the post gold doldrums. I’m looking to my next fix, like any good addict (tournament on the 25 of November, please please let there be purple belts), but this week is going to mostly be about me dragging ass because I have to deal with being little old me again. The only thing that takes the edge off is training, and even that is a bit frustrating because nothing feels perfect quite yet. Ah well- good to have perspective. At least there is a goal in sight, ya know? Except our sport lost the most naturally gifted woman we could expect because she recognized there was no future for women here- if she felt that way, then I am effed. Ugh, post gold doldrums. Better take a vitamin D after reading this. It will all be better in the morning.


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