Flying kimura control and other less interesting stuff

18 Oct

So, awesome, Mendes bros stuff,  I learned to launch myself into the air in a flying front roll (slow and controlled is for lamos) and take the back with kimura control!! Yay, fun, woo, great stuff. In other news, little strong dude’s jits got sick since last we rolled- he was toying with me all along! Damn him. I feel, like, ten percent too slow these days- keep getting stuck in grips I ought to just be brushing off. Probably the weather. So remember when I said interesting stuff happened to me? I totally lied. I am boring as hell. Whatevs, everyone and their dog is telling random bits of cyber space their business, so why can’t I?


Doing Stuff and it’s Hard

17 Oct

Jacked elbow, jacked back, jacked neck, training for a comp at the end of the week, and my house is a fucking sty. Man, I need to get laid. So this is my blog, shit that happens when you fight. I am a mediocre fighter, a mediocre writer, but I am lucky enough to be caught up in a bit of an unorthodox situation. More on that if the test run goes smoothly, but, here’s an intro- I am going to be a fighter and win a goddamn world championship if I have to tear every muscle and break every bone to get there. So, yeah, that’s what’s happening with me at the moment. And it’s quite a bit of fun, too. Neat shit generally happens in the run of my day, all stuff worth sharing. But I want to do it anonymously. So I’ll see how that goes.

So, like, testing, onetwothree, see if this blog stuff works and see if the sneaky social media is going to send alerts to my friends and family before I start with the curse words and the like. Here it is- my blog. Ta da.

Hello world!

17 Oct

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Happy blogging!